Recognizing the herb

     First of all, you roll "foraging", or, if you use the RMCII skills, "Herb Lore". Note that the PC should have chosen a speciality. The difficulty mod could be the herb mod (you can change it if the herb doesn't use to be there) + 30. Success roll means that the PC knows how is the herb physically. Optionally, you can make the player write down on the sheet what herbs does he know, so the next time he is going to search a herb that he has seen, he don't need to roll again. If the herb is very common in his country, you can obviate the first roll. If the PC rolled it once, he shouldn't try it again, until someone explains him or he gains a new level.
     If the PC fails the roll, he won't be able to look for the herb. He doesn't know how is it physically and/or he doesn't know where can he find it. Optionally, you could let him search the herb, specially if it does "bother" the campaign ;)

Search roll
     If several PCs are searching, a roll for each one should be made (Obviously everyone will roll "Herb Lore" or "Foraging" the first time, but you can give positive mods if any of the party explains how is the herb). Now, the GM must calculate every modifier to the search roll (unknown place, many inhabitants/large city near...).
     First, you have to look at the herbs table, to know EVERY kind of herb the PCs can find in such a place (climate/terrain). There is a herbs table, sorted by climate and terrain, avaliable in, I think. We apply an extra mod of -30 to every herb that the PCs doesn't want to look for (that is, every herb except the one they're searching)

Posible results
     The herbs found are the herbs in which the PC roll would be success. How many herbs of each kind, are found out by rolling 1D10 for each.
     Optional: You could let the player go to try to take every herb he finds. It this is allowed, I would recommend giving a -20 modifier to EVERY herb.
     Optional: Although the rules are intended to be simple, it should sound funny that, if you find a kind of herb that has -20 like the searching mod, you find every other herb (at least, one dose) with -20 or better (ie. easier) searching mod.

     Borangorn, Herb Lore +60, tries to find the herb Gorfon, which "belongs" to cold climate, alpine terrain. He rolls Herb Lore, with the normal mods, -10 because is Gorfon (search mod, applied to the "recognizing" roll, too), +30 for recognizing (not searching) roll. Let's suppose the roll is a success
     Gorfon has a -10 penalty, and Galeaana (the only other herb in this climate/terrain) has -20, plus -30 because Borangorn is not searching it explicitly, -50. Supposing 100 = success, Boragorn rolls 69 (beautiful number, uh?). 69 (roll) + 60 (skill total mod) = 129. Now we look at the herbs list (only Gorfon and Galeaana, in this example), and we calculate how many of them are found. If we apply the Gorfon modifier, 129-10 = 119, that is, success. If we apply the Galeaana one, 129-50 = 79, fail. The result is that only Gorfon doses are found. The number of doses are found out by rolling 1D10, by each kind of herb found (In this case, only one)

     This rules have been made from the ideas of Oskar Roura Fdez, Ulises Santos Espino and Justin Morgan-Davies, and they have been compiled and linked :) by me, Esteban Manchado 'ZoSo' <>

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